Monday, June 1

June 1, 2020

Phy621–  The last assignment!!!  The final assignment is a virtual online lab.  It can be found at

Work thru the assignment and email back the answers.  You will find Lesson 4 in the tutorial on Electric Circuits extremely helpful.  If you have any difficulties please don’t hesitate to email.  Also, students are permitted to meet teachers now at the school, so we could find a mutually agreed time and work on questions there that are of concern.

The assignment’s due date is June 10, 2020.

Sci421–  The last assignment!!!  This assignment is for the Biology section.  It is to construct a model of either the plant or animal cell and it’s corresponding organelles.  You can research model ideas and cell images online.  The outline for the assignment can be found under the Sci421 Pilot menu on my blog.  Email me if you have any questions, or if you wish to arrange a time to meet at the school.

The assignment’s due date is June 10, 2020.


Thursday, May 21

May 21, 2020

Phy 621- The Electricity assignment can be found through the Phy621 page above.  It is titled Coulomb’s Law home learning assignment.  To be successful on the assignment, students should practice on calculator pad and textbook problems.  If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to send an email.

Monday, May 18

May 18, 2020

Phy 621-

As you are probably aware, you have been guaranteed the SAS grade you had as of the March Break.  However, summative work (worth marks) can be done to increase this grade.
To this end, there will be two or three assignments given on the last unit we have not addressed, electricity.  The first will be on static electricity/electrical fields; the second will be on electrical circuits.
I will be posting on my blog the first assignment on Thursday, May 21.  In preparation of this assignment you should study the Electricity tutorial within  Specifically you should focus on Static Electricity Lesson 1- Basic Terminology and Concepts and Lesson 3- Electrical Force, the calculator pad questions and simulations.  As well, I believe Chpt 20 (Static Electricity) and Chpt. 21 (Electric Fields) in our textbook would prove advantageous.  Coulomb’s Law and its formula manipulation is an important concept.
Next week I will post the study material and assignment for electrical circuits.
The Department of Education has guaranteed you the SAS grade you had as of the March Break.  However, you have the opportunity to do summative work (worth marks) to increase this grade.
To this end, there will be two or three assignments/projects given on physics and biology.  The first will be the Rube Goldberg project; the second will be on cells/cell structure.
A number of students have gotten started on their Rube Goldberg project which is posted on my blog.  It would be advantageous to peruse some basic Rube Goldberg projects on youtube before you begin planning/constructing your project.  Some students have requested the opportunity to work in pairs; please check in with me prior to starting (higher expectation of steps if done in pairs).  The best projects are constructed from household items, have a good variety of simple machines and explain the transfer of energy.

Students should be now working on the physics section of the Sci421 curriculum.  After studying the physics slideshow found on Mr. G’s blog, students should complete the physics assignment (due date Monday, May 11), also found on my blog.  This will followed by the Rube Goldberg project (due date Monday, June 1).  The assignment/rubric can be found on my blog.  Please reach out by email ( if you have any questions.  PS- Along with the physics slideshow found on the blog are presentations named Simple Machines and PE and KE powerpoint that will be of assistance to you.


In an effort to assess student learning, the following formative assignments have been assigned for Mr. Gillis’s classes.  Students should complete the assignment by the due date and either 1) email back a completed copy or 2) take a picture of the work and send it to Mr. G’s email (

Phy621- Complete the Circular Motion assignment found under the Phy621 blog heading for Tuesday, Apr. 21

Sci421- Complete the Balancing Chemical Equations assignment found under the Sci421 Pilot heading for Tuesday, Apr. 21

Sci701- Continue to research the different types of automobile systems; your assignment will be posted Tuesday, Apr. 21

Mar. 30 – May 11

March 30, 2020

Students– In these most uncertain times, I hope that you and your families are heeding the health recommendations and staying safe.  Below are some instructions for staying up with your courses.  The expectation is that this work would be completed by the May 11 return date.    Feel free to drop me an email anytime-

Phy621  – recommended time spent is two hours per week

– In finish off Vectors and Forces in Two Dimensions by completing Lesson 2, Part g (Non-horizontally Launched Projectiles (Understanding Concepts and Simulations) and Calculator Pad questions

-In go to the tutorial subsection “Circular Motion”  Work thru lessons 1-4 answering questions and playing with the simulations, then try your hand with the Calculator Pad questions.

Sci701 (Robotics)   – recommended time spent is two hours per week

-Keeping up with Sci701 is difficult when your robotics kits are not accessible.  So we need to keep up in other ways.  Robotics is about systems, just like automobiles.  There’s the engine, fuel system, exhaust system, cooling system, lubrication system, electrical system, transmission, and the chassis.  Utilize and explore these system in order to understand how each system works.

Sci421    – recommended time spent is two hours per week

Work your way thru finishing the Chemistry section found on my blog.  If you get frustrated with balancing equations, leave it and we’ll address that when we return.

Once you finish the chemistry section, work your way through the Physics slideshow.

  • Avoid the biology section, in particular, the Infectious Disease section.  I got word from higher ups that they would prefer us to leave this section as we are being inundated with it on news coverage.


Friday, Mar. 13

March 13, 2020

Mr. G’s classes should monitor this blog in the event of any interruptions to the regular school schedule.

Phy621– Projectile Motion In-class Assignment  Return Physics Test

HW- Research for your Catapult Project   Salvage materials for your project

Sci701– Engineering Design Lab “Battery Boats”

Sci421– Write Chemistry #1 Test


Enjoy your March Break!!!!!!


Thursday, Mar. 12

March 12, 2020

Phy621– Projectile Motion Lecture/Demo/Simulations

HW- Work thru PC Vectors – Lesson 2

Sci701– Unit #3 Notes Worksheet

  • Friday- Engineering Process Straw Boats Lab

Sci421– Review for Friday’s Ionic Compounds Test (Slideshow- up to slide 34)

HW- Prep for Friday’s test!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, Mar. 10

March 10, 2020

Phy621– Lecture/Notes/Demos on Projectile Motion   Catapult Rubric Conversation

Sci701– Robot Builds and Testing

Sci421– Review corrected assignment on Ionic Compounds, Ionic Compounds Trivia, assigned textbook work (pg 195 #1-9, pg 198 #1-7)

HW- Complete the textbook work above

  • Chemistry test previously scheduled for Thursday, Mar. 12 will now be written on Friday, Mar. 13 

Monday, Mar. 9

March 9, 2020

  • Wed. -Mr G out at meetings, Thurs. -Storm Day, Fri. -Professional Development


Phy521– Writing of Vector Test

Sci701– Robotics Lecture, Worksheets and Builds

Sci421– If necessary, complete last week’s ionic worksheet, lecture/notes on polyatomic ions, read section 5.9 of the textbook (Page 196) and do questions #1-7 on page 198

HW- Complete the textbook reading and questions above

  • Test on Thursday, Mar. 12   Chemistry slideshow up to slide 34